artistic10 things to Develop YOUR Creativity

To help you begin to create the life you want:

1. Make time for it!
– Set time aside for creative time; to think, write, paint, research, plan, concept generate
– Have a Creative HOUR; designate a hour of your day that you have to be creative, make this a time where you feel the best and you think the best, where it is quite, you are alone and have complete freedom for this time. Where you are nurturing to yourself, doing what you want and love in a creative manor.
– Plan it, put it in the calendar
 2. Be dedicated to your Creativity!

–          This is not something that you should try once just to say you did. Put time, effort, love and drive into being and getting creative.

3. Make it a priority!
– Make this as important as anything else in your life, shopping, working out, going out to lunch etc….
– Create boundaries for those around you to respect that this is your creative time, show and teach them as well.
– This will become habitual. It will become second nature to you to do this

4. Monitor your success!
– You will begin to see changes in your life, the way you look at things and changes around you, this will only excite you further to continue to be even more creative.

5. Reward Yourself
– Celebrate your creative success and ventures; this will bring you more confidence, create more motivation in being more creative to move you forward.
6. Explore new things and Explore your curiosity
–  New things mean new opportunities, excitement of the unknown, new doors and a refreshing way of looking at things or approaching things to make things new and exciting; getting you out of the dull and boring…who wants that anyway?
– Make it a plan to go somewhere NEW each week, a new park, beach or place in nature, a new shop or mall or new restaurant.
– This also gives you something to look forward to, to hope for and to make things more exciting for you and in your life.

7.  Think outside of the box
– Push your limits; mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritual. Try something new, a new class, meet new people and explore new places.
– Come up with something that you have never seen before.

8. Ask for help or calibrate with others
– Sometimes two heads can be better than one, by brainstorming with others it can bring in a different way of looking or approaching things that you may not think of. Everyone has something unique to bring to the table.

9. Get rid of fear and resistance
– Believe in yourself; trust in yourself, in spirit and throw all the negative out the window.
– Realize you will have this and will always fight this, but to acknowledge it and let it go, it doesn’t serve you and just get rid of it as soon as it comes in.

10. Get your ideas out there
– Take all your creative ideas, concepts, project and what have yous and get them out there, sell them, show them off, show them to people, make a difference. Show them what you got.
In any way and every way you can take action in getting what you created to the public.