Adelman Fine Art Gallery; Grand Opening Pictures

It was such a great night, another clear and brilliant evening in San Diego. A perfect night to celebrate the opening of Adelman Fine Art Gallery.

This was the first time seeing the gallery, we all have been waiting so long for this day to come with such excitement and anticipation. I didnt know what to expect visually, I tried to imagine in my mind what creative things they would do, how the art would be arranged and  I was blown away when I first walked in.


They layout of the paintings and art were perfectly hung, placed and organized well, where you can get a great feeling for each individual piece instead of being overwhelmed with too much work as some galleries are.

The decor was modern and elegant which only enhanced the art while not distracting it. Clean and elegant with such great art and energy, I was so thankful and excited to be apart of such a great gallery, event and to work with such great owners and operators. I have come to just love the Adelman Family. They should be proud of all there hard work that went into making this such a true success not only for them, us artists but also the fine art gallery community in San Diego.

Here are some of the picture and highlights of the evening.

This gallery is a must see when you are in Little Italy in the San Diego area. You will not be disappointed.

SPECIAL THANKS; to Nicole, Philica, Marcia for all your hard work and efforts. Thanks for having me apart of your gallery family.