An Artist Prayer to Spirit

Open Channel to Spirit

My soul opens to you;

My crown is in full bloom;

Like the beauty and complexity of a rose opening;

I am your open channel to allow your spiritual creativity to move through me;

Like a peaceful river flows;

There is harmony and fluidity;

My brush is my tool;

You are my source;

The paint is the reflection and infusion of the two;

We are now one;

I am now open to create.


My imagination is Infinite;

As there is the vastness of space and stars in the universe;

There are just as many creative ideas in my mind.

May you guide my ever stoke;

May I be unique, fresh and original;

May I imagine without limitations;

Flow through me, my heart and my mind;

I will remain passionate;

For art;

For spirit;

For the creative process;

For new possibilities.

Infinite Creativity

My Creativity is Infinite;

I excite over the possibilities of a blank canvas;

I am thankful and celebrate the completion of a finished project.

Help me through resistance;

I will remain true to my artistic style;

I will embrace my gifts;

I will be open to grow as an artist.

May time and my ideas balance;

My work reflects my inner soul;

Creativity has no boundaries;

My work is infused with spirit, love and passion;

I am art;

I am creative;

I am spirit.

We are all ONE!

by; Tesa Michaels