Behind the Making of Outerlimits Illuminated Semi Precious Stones

Illuminated Series with Agates that Glow with LED’s

This was a special painting for me to create. I wanted to make a painting that was extremely tall to create a large impact in a tall vertical way. I kept in mind the tall ceilings in most homes and I wanted to create a painting that would balance the large, tall, empty looking walls.

I wanted this semi precious stone painting to be a statement piece. Hanging high on a wall where you look up at it and become a bit overwhelmed with all the semi precious stones and glow of the agates. I hope when in person you will fell that from all the semi precious stones I used.

At first conception I didn’t intend to have the painting resemble space in an abstract way, but when I saw the agates lit up with tall the titanium quartz pieces that came together with the way they did and then the thick medium I used, plus then using the Meteorite to the painting. It really then resembled walking on the moon to me and it really resembled space to me.

My first initial inspiration for this semi precious stones painting was the large grey agates I had. I’ve been collecting them for a while now, maybe even a year. I ran into them in the studio and put them all together and they looked great together, first thing I thought was to light them up with the LED’s to showcase there grandur. I then thought about all the Ttanium Quartz that I had. Ive been saving those up to use for more than a year. They are not cheep and I went through what I had and wanted to use them ALL together to create a statement with them ALL grouped together. I used SO SO many of them on this piece. MORE than you’d think, just adding to how spactacular this piece and all these semi precious stones are.

I titled it “Outerlimits” for that reason, to suggest the idea of space, the moon and pushing my limits in using the semi precious stones in a large grand way and as many semi precious stones I used.

This painting is such strong impactful piece in person, I hope these photos do a little justice to it and you can see what went into the piece from start to finish. These paintings with the LED’s are more work, but the end result is worth it.


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