Making of Semi Precious Stones Chrysocolla Painting

Titled Emitt


Emitt 36×48

This painting was inspired by the amazing chrysocolla I got from my Utah supplier “EMITT” which is where I also got the title for this Semi Precious Stones painting. He collected all of the Semi Precious Stones including the chrysocolla, he had it for me at where it was in all sizes, from the large chunks to the fine powder he crushed. I saw it and immediately fell in love with not only the color of the stone but how he had all the sized from large to very fine for me perfectly.

I hate crushing the stones, yet it does come with the territory of what I do, but love it when it is already done and like this. Which is quite rare for me to find it in this way.

I loved the color of this stone, so I wanted to combine it with other Semi Precious Stones that blended or matched well with the beautiful blues and oranges of the chrysocolla.

I had these brown bark castings that I got from Emitt a while back at another time and thought those would work so well with these colors. That Bark Castings are rare as he tells me that they are from sand being pushed up against a tree to create the casting of the bark, it then petrified over time and then was pried off the tree and this is what remained. He said he had never found anything like it before and never seen anything like it. So, to me, these are very special.

Being from Colorado I love the rich colors like this, it really reminded me of the southwest, tieing in both his Utah roots and my Colorado roots.

So ALL of the stones used on this painting was found by Emitt.

I then wanted to paint the painting with the same rich and bolder colors to complement the Semi Precious Stones colors. So that the painting blended together and complemented one another.

When I begin a painting, as you can see in one of the pictures, I will set out the Semi Precious Stones that I am using on my painting by my pallet of paint to match or to complement, that helps me make sure that the colors are right.


Here is the process of the painting, from start to finish:



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