Life sucks… get CREATIVE!

Unleash and Ignite your Creativity


Unleash your CREATIVITY!



Well we have done it, we have gotten through the hard part of your transition, or some of you may still be in the middle of your transition or hopefully in the end, coming to the finish line or seeing that light at the end of the tunnel grow brighter as you get closer to it.

At this point I think no matter where you are at during your time of transition or in your life in general I think it is so important to feed and further develop your creativity.

I say that not only as an artist; that is what I thrive on and what I am incredibly passionate about, creativity is something that comes so natural to me, but for others not so much.


When I say “creativity” I am referring to the process of producing something original.



So many people think because they can only draw a stick figure or what resembles one that they are not creative. I beg to differ. As an artist as well I get frustrated when I mention that I am an artist and they say, “oh I m so not creative”. You do not have to be an artist to be creative:


That could be a:

–          Thought

–          Idea

–          Concept

–          Art work

–          Project

–          Plan

–          System

–          New solutions

I as an artist will share with you artistic things that I think EVERYONE can and when I mean can, yes I mean you are completely capable even through you clam a stick figure is out of your reach to draw….you can do these things even if they are artistic and you clam not to be.


Getting creative can help you:

–          Get rid of blocks

–          Becoming clear

–          Generate new solutions

–          Develop new ideas

–          Create new concepts and ways of doing things

–          Become passionate about your life or what you are doing

–          Boost your confidence

–          Look at things more optimistic or in a positive way

–          Ignite your imagination

–          Help you move forward

–          Clear up frustration

–          Get you unstuck

–          Create a bright future


Creativity is all about coming up with new solutions to current situations;

this could be your thoughts, your new ideas, new concepts and new projects to better your life, people and world around you.



During a time of transition it is so important to bring creativity into your life. When you are stuck with something, focusing on being creative can come up with new solutions to the issues you are facing, creating a fresh new look or approach to something.

When you are creative you step outside of the funk you are in to begin to see the bright opportunities that are there or new doors that can be opened; new possibilities.

When your creative brain becomes involved, you become more excited, energetic, optimistic and enthusiastic about what you are dealing with or struggling with at that moment.

This puts you on a positive path in the right direction so you can move forward with passion and excitement instead of uncertainty and pessimism.

One great thing about creativity is that it is like a domino effect. Once you have one creative idea, there is another and another just around the corner, it becomes easier and easier where the creative ideas begin to flow in.

Sparking your creativity then helps with visualizing and then onto manifesting what you want in your life.

So if you are:

–          Stuck

–          Unclear

–          Uncertain

–          In a transition

–          Cloudy in your thinking

–          Unsure where to go, turn or do

–          Running in circles

–          Feeling like you are going no where

–          Lack confidence