Chakras and Semi Precious Stones

I love working with the semi precious stones in my paintings. I love how they hold and can have so much power and energy. Each one is unique and holds special quality’s and properties; also each chakra is attached to certain stones. Mostly for there colors and properties.

When the stones are on the paintings (which I use in my “ELEMENTS” series) you can feel there energy in the room. So even when they are hanging from your wall, you will still benefit from there properties.

Yet, I have had many people just come up to my paintings with the stones and just touch them or put their hands up to them to feel the vibrations and energy they do generate. Some people feel that and some do not. Even if you do not they are still working.

I wanted to share with you the information about the chakras because the stones and chakras go hand and hand and can help you in many ways, here is how:

clematis-56135_640-300x225CROWN CHAKRA – SEVENTH CHAKRA

Located above the head.

This chakra is the spiritual opening chakra, opening you to the universe, tospirit and to your higher self, our direct connection to spirit. Open this chakra to spirit and spirit will come in and move through you here.

The crown chakra relates to our consciousness as pure awareness. It is our connection to the greater world beyond, to a timeless, space less place of all-knowing.

When developed, this chakra brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection, and bliss.


Stubbornness and resisting the flow of life. If heart is closed then crown will have to work over time. Crown comes first when dealing with the chakras, must be open in order to deal with other chakras.

Air, meditative, intuition, promotes thought

Endocrine gland: Pineal Gland

Stones: Clear Quartz or amethyst

Color: Clear or white or violet

Arch Angel: Zadkiel


Located between the eyes.

This is intelligence and psychic power chakra. It is you inner compass.

The third eye is often associated with religious visions, clairvoyance, the ability to observe chakras and auras.

The sixth chakra is the chakra of forgiveness and compassion, action of ideas, insight, mind development.

When healthy it allows us to see clearly, in effect, letting us “see the big picture.”

Control issues, and self worth, spiritual connection with God.


Air, meditative, intuition, promotes thought

Endocrine Gland: Pituitary Gland

Stones: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli or Moonstone

Color: Purple

Arch Angel: Gabriel



Located at the throat.

This is the creativity, self-expression, communication and the search for truth.

This is the chakra of “your true voice”. Voicing who you are.

Water, calming, soothes, relaxes

Endocrine Gland: Thyroid

If experiencing thyroid problems, you could be holding negative energy, or thoughts such as:  when will be my turn syndrome and pore me syndrome.

No regrets and don’t hold anything back, don’t hold that in and lump in throat. Suppressing energy by holding voice closed or in. Not feeling guilt. Hard to make decisions and manifest in teeth. Mouth issues, close believe system and not take info in and closed off to others. Or not open to new ideas.

Stones: Turquoise, Aventurine or Blue Lace Agate

Color: Blue

Arch Angel: Michael



Located at the heart.

This is the higher consciousness and love. This is your relationship chakra, as well as your place for self acceptance. Keeping your heart open will bring you balance, peace and love.

Brest issues and shoulders, if you are not able to take care of yourself and taking care of others too much this will become blocked. Not able to breathe or take in a breath and holding on to everything. Handle life experience, hard to let things go. Receiving and giving love.

One thing that helps this chakra is to get a pendulum of clear quartz over the heart and it will spin and release and want clock wise.

Self nourishment is the key to balancing this chakra, doing things that YOU want and who you are to nurture yourself and make you happy. Start with you first, which will able you to help others.

Water, calming, soothes, relaxes

Stones: Jade, Malachite or Rose Quartz.

Color: Green or Pink

Arch Angel: Raphael



Located at the solar plexus.

This is your Life force chakra. This is the sense of identity, personal power and self esteem.  You and how you see yourself. Your inner power and your inner light being.

Store anger and holding on negative energy here. It is important to open this to your true self and to others and the more you become in touch with the true inner light being you are the more balanced you will be with this chakra.

Fire, energizing, charging, lends energy

Stones: Citrine or Tigers eye

Color: Yellow

Arch Angel: Chamuel cha-mel



Located at the lower abdominal area.

The chakra that monitors sexuality and reproduction.  The energy center of sexuality and creativity.

What is needed, not what you want, and what actually need s to happen, fears, and masculine and feminine stored there. Have both. Let go of the past, and fighting everything, when things feel like a fight and struggle, that will affect that area.

Ability to move and let go of what is no longer needed and fear of letting go.

For this chakra, eating well and consciously paying attention to what you are eating; organic, healthy, well balanced foods. You can store things in the gut physically and emotionally. You can store it and hold onto it, which is unhealthy, so it is important to let it go and release it both physically and emotionally.

If you find you are blocked in this area physically or blocked on a emotional level, look at this area and chakra.

One of the best things to do for this chakra and it being the creative center is to get creative. Draw, paint of write out emotional baggage to let it out and jumbled up, get it out in a creative way.

Creativity is our play for adults; we need some form of art.

Getting physical and active is also great for this chakra.

Fire, energizing, charging

Stones: Carnelian or Red Jasper
Color: Orange


Arch Angel: Chamuel and Metatron A lot of ascended masters and Indian energy come in here.



Located at the base of the spine and groin area.

This chakra is our grounding chakra, connecting us to the earth, keeping us grounded, balanced and stable. This chakra is associated with career, money mindset and sense of belonging.

Safety and security, and how you feel while you are on the plant. Staying rooted and grounded to the planet. Find our place in this world.

Self image, pride, standards in life, breaking down ideas and flexibility. Feet is for understanding yourself. Skin is how we present our selves, presentational world and appearance. Self confidence in who we put forward to the world.

Endocrine Gland: Adrenals

Earth, grounding, focusing, centering

Stones: Garnet, Coral, Hematite or Bloodstone

Color: Red

Wearing colors of the chakra is great to help open them and work with them.

Arch Angel-Sandalphon and Michael