Creativity for PASSION

Get Visual and Passionate through Creativity

artisticStep 1. Get out a piece of paper and list everything that excites you.

Ask Yourself:

What excites you?

What turns you on?

What are you passionate about?

What do you love?

If you could do anything every day what would that be?


(remember we do this without limitations, pessimism, negativity, or any other BS your mind comes up with- get rid of it)




Bring in Your Creativity; combining you passion with your creativity

Draw a line to the right of these things listed, where this line maybe in the middle of the page and then list how you can get creative with each one of these things.


Passionate about:                                                 Get Creative:

Exploring and being in nature                        Paint landscapes of where I have been

Eating in new restaurants                                 Blogging about your experiences and creating a local blog


Throughout our days we lose site of who we are. We get caught up in what we need to do instead of what we want to do… is time to change our thinking on this. When we put ourselves first, use our creativity, when we are passionate about what we do this helps others as much as it helps our self. This brings in more positive energy into all you do. It affects you and everyone around you.


Get Visual:

When we are thinking about what we want it is important when we are creating to get visual, one way to do that is begin to start collecting visual images; picture, magazine clippings, images from the internet etc.

Here are some ideas and examples:

  1. Internet; get on Pinterest or other social media outlets that deal with picture and images. Start collecting things that move or inspire you for whatever reason. If they spark something in you then save them. Keep them in one place so you can reference them quickly and easily when you need them.
  2. Images on the web; keep in mind there are copy writes you need to keep in mind, but you can always download things just for your to look at and to let inspire you. Save them and keep them in a folder so when you need a boost of inspiration or a lift of your spirits, open that folder and you will have them right there.
  3. Save clippings from magazines, books, whatever you can get. Save them in a folder.
  4. Use these for a vision board or any of your creative projects that you want to do or will do in the future, then you will be all ready.
  5. This helps manifest what you want. The more you are clear on what you are visually thinking the more clear they will become in real life. Spirit will know what you want.