Designs from the Sea

Retracting TideDesigns from the Sea is my series of paintings that are “Shellscapes”, where I incorporate real sand and shells into each painting. Little gifts from the sea as I like to or think of them, making each piece special, unique and one of a kind.

I incorporate shells and sand that I have found across the world, but mostly here in California in the San Diego where I live. I love to shell and each piece is such a joy to find, each day is different and the sea is constantly changing so you never know what you are going to find.

I so love the sea, the colors, the sound of the waves, smell of the salty air and the unique wonder of all it has to offer. These shellscapes and paintings from the Designs from the Sea series is a collection of those little sea gifts that I have found that you can then enjoy in your own home.

This way no matter if you are close to the sea or not you can have your own little piece of the sea hanging on your wall as fine art.



My Inspiration :

My love of the beach is what really got me started with this series. I love the beach and collecting shells. With me living in San Diego and close to the beach, I would go to the beach as much as I can. While living in Carlsbad, Ca. I lived about 7 min from the beach. So I had this particular shelling spot where depending on the different times of the year the shells would come in abundance. Needless to say I was hooked.

I am the crazy one that people stare at with a large bag collecting these little sea treasures by the handful like they are gold. I love and find so many varieties and even different varieties at different San Diego beaches as well. I have learned where and when the good times and places are.

It is so funny my mom is the one who collects everything under the sun. Me, not so much. Yet when it came to shells I realized it was now me collecting something. I had large vases of them in the house, then another and yes, another.

My boyfriend came to me one day and asked: what are you going to do with all of these? plus…. you really should start doing something with them, this is getting to be a bit much and we were running out of room. Well, he was right.

Yet stop collecting shells……..what….that was out of the questions. I loved my time with the sea and it sharing its little treasures with me. So I decided as a fine artist to incorporate them into my art and paintings.

My MOM is also my inspiration. She and I love to shell together, she encouraged me to add them into my art work as well. So I did and now they have become my series “Designs from the Sea”. It is something we love to do together and we want to go to so many more beaches together to find many more sea treasures. She was even so cute, she made us bags to put our shells in, we dont mess around… I love our time together.

So yes, now with my art I have a justification for my shelling habit, plus an excuse to travel to different beaches. Well at least that is what I am going to stick with for now. I have boxes and boxes of shells, it is so much fun.