My Journey as an Artist

Art is who I am.

Creativity is ingrained in me, it is interwoven into my soul. It is what excites me, fulfills me, and comes naturally to me. It is just “ME”.

It has always come naturally to me, which was and is something that I didnt quite realize until I look back into my past.


Further Embracing Who I am as an Artist

I knew I was an third generation artist. Yet a few months ago mom told me that Great Grandpa also dabbled with art (pen and ink). Then Grandma went on to tell me how much he actually did with it and how he and my Great Grandma did so much with art and my Great Grandma with her sewing all her clothes and dresses. So she told me I was a “FIFTH” generation artist.

That really made me even more determined to become a really successful in the arts and to further continue as a professional artist and to make them proud of my art and where I can take my creativity.

Art and being creative has always been there for me and has been so natural to think and to be that way. Yet it wasnt until learning this where I think I have really embraced it. That is was ok that it was so ingrained in me and this really was and is my path.


Being a Professional Artist 

Yet for me and most artists we are told that we can not make a living as an artist.

The cliche of being a “starving artist” is a real thing and that the majority of artists are just that, not able to make a living at art.

Yet I find that so interesting while we now spend millions on Monet’s and Van Gogh’s and even artists of our generation that have made millions while they were alive, Kinkade and Wyland to name a few. They did and are seeing their artists efforts pay off. Not just making a living but millions.


So why not you? Now, why not Me?


Yes, it is a business as well as just creating, we must understand that as an artist. (another whole blog I am sure).

But there is a lot of emotional and mental dogma behind being an artist that I think we all as artists struggle with and go through at one time or another.

For me at 37 now I am still dealing with it.

I was born an artist, was in the forefront of my life as a child, teenager, went to art college, worked corporate with art and design and now decided to become a full time, professional fine artist.

HAAAAA taking the breath out of me when I say that with such anxiety.

Yes a professional fine artist. That rare and slim going these days with that, but it is WHO IAM.


Creativity is just WHO I AM


I have decided to push through the stigma and fears and just embrace who I am, to allow that interwoven creativity to grow and to be revealed to the world and to seek a full, good, excellent and high income in being an artist.


After all you never know I could be the next Wyland, or Monet…. stick around to find out.