In motionAs an artist you always want people to like your work. After all we dont spend hours on a piece of work to only have someone hate it or shoot it down with negative comments or a “oh….thats nice”.

Yet we all know art is subjective, so if you dont like it and its not your cup of tea, thats fine, I get it.

We pour our souls into our art, each piece is an extension of ourselves, who we are, art thoughts, are emotions, our feelings, are own unique creativity.

To me when I make a piece of art, this is me, what I like to feel, how I am moved. What I like, I just hope it comes through and touches you too.




But in my opinion and how I want you the viewer to see my art is an EXPERIENCE.

I want you to FEEL something when you look at my art.

I want my art to invoke a EMOTION or FEELING when you look at my art.

I want your JAW TO HIT the floor with my art.

I want you to TOUCH my art with your hands and FEEL the textures.

I want my art to SPARK something inside you.

I want you to LOVE my art so much that you will want to put it in your own home so you can see it and EXPERIENCE that FEELING everyday.

I want that piece to SPEAK to you every time you look at it.

I want you to look at my work and want to jump into it.

I want you to loose yourself when looking at it, that the landscape engulfs your and takes you to that place, that little meditative dream like place that makes you feel good and all tingly.

What Art SHOULD be: 

Art should be like life: EXCITING and interesting and full of life and fun and new and make you feel something and entreage you and move you and keep you in awe. I want my art to make you so excited that you get worked up and energized and happy.


Art should not be boring, or something you have seen over and over or look like a kindergartner did it. You should not have to tilt your head in every direction before you can wrap your mind around even beginning to understand it.

Or if your looking at a piece of art as a non- artist and you say to yourself “I can do that” and your right. Then no that is not a good piece of art.

Yes my art friends, that is what art should be. To me this could be abstract, realism, mixed media, or what ever medium you like. As long as it moves you and creates a emotion in you.

As an ARTIST: 

OvertakingAs an artist I go for the wow factor. I want you to ask yourself with my “ELEMENTS” series where I use semi precious stones “What is that”? Then run up to it and look and then touch the stones, feel there texture and be intreaged with them. Feel their energy and feel the properties of the stones.

I hope my work will do that to you. I try to do that with the stones, the textures, the colors and the composition of each piece. I try pushing the values of each piece so you really feel the emotion of the strong lights and darks that spark memories or new emotions.

amythistI have so much fun creating that I hope this all comes through onto each panel and canvas I create. I try to use all different colors, styles, long, wide, large, small, different stones, dark, light, happy, sad, the whole spectrum of ideas and styles so that there is something for everyone, because we all have so many different sides.

This to me is all emotions, not to judge them as good or bad. A dark sky to me is moving and emotional not so much mad or sad. It all depends on the viewer. I love creating creepy skys because they have so much emotion in them, even though I am what you would call a happy person. It is all about feeling something when looking at art.

And when I say that I hope it is not: ” that sucks, and your turned off by it” 🙂

In hopes that one of them will capture your attention and fill an exciting emotion in you that you will want it in your home and enjoy it every time you look at it.