What Inspires you?

Semi Precious StonesAsk an artist that and expect a long drawn out answer. Well that is at least what you would get from me. To me as an artist that is a loaded question; EVERYTHING can become an inspiration.

I personally find Nature to be my number one inspiration.

Then second; anything in nature. Which includes semi precious stones, shells, rocks, gems, minerals, leaves, and yes those weird objects you find laying on the ground.

Personal Side Note: My mother is notorious for this (worse than I am) where she will be going along a sidewalk, stop dead in her tracks and butt fly’s in the air, hands to the sidewalk to pick up her newly discovered treasure. Usually a left over seed from a tree, a leaf and you dont want to get me started on her finding shells.

Most of the time I will look at her with a puzzled look to question what was the meaning of the sudden stop as if there were a hundred dollar bill laying on the sidewalk…..nope a seed. Seriously…..it is comical. I have things still in my car where she has found and left.

We had to pick up these little California pine cone things for I dont know how long one day, because these were the latest and greatest things to her. (i love her and humored her).

“What the hell are you going to do with those I ask?”

“I dont know”, she says enthusiastically, with this shit eating grin on her face as she is gathering these little treasures like they are the last thing on earth. Her excitement is so fun to see which makes me humor her and help her gather. She is like a little kid in a candy store when it comes to these simple excitements.

So there we are, people observing this spectacle of these two women picking these common objects off the ground for our next art project with a puzzled looks on there faces. We dont care, as artist we let nothing get in our way of creativity or the next great creative idea that may come from something as simple as a newly discovered seed.

Ok, ok……..guess who does this now……


So yes I find myself now doing the same thing with certain things (I am not as bad as her, I say that to sound less of a nut job) yet we are mother and daughter after all and you know what they say about the apple…..it doesnt fall far from the tree….ha I guess that goes for little seeds too…

So now I am her sidekick in finding simple treasures that will be creatively added into my next new piece of art.


What is MY weak point?

Gems, minerals, shells, semi precious stones.

I should….wait maybe I should say I could have, because afterall we dont need everyone to know how weird I really am, do we….. have a cheesy bumper sticker that says “WILL STOP FOR STONES”. or “WILL STOP FOR ANYTHING SHINNY”

My objects are a bit more limited than my moms, but my gosh let me tell you us together when it comes to a gem and mineral show or bead show….look out.

Yes we both have shinny object syndrome. Anything shinny, we are like a moth to a flame, let me tell you.

So after all these time and years of making fun of my mothers off the wall behaviors and habits, I am becoming the same eclectic shinny object collector.

I so enjoy these little treasures I find and each one is so special to me that will go into my next master piece of art that I plan on creating.

I have so much fun gathering these semi precious stones, rocks, minerals and little gems.

I love to take what is from nature and recreate them into a nature scene that I paint and create.



My process: (the internal creative master mind ideas that come from my head)


Sometimes I am first inspired by the semi precious stones themselves. I will find a specific specimen and that will remind me of something in nature. For example clear quartz points and spikes can remind me of ice and ice cycles so I ll do a nature scene that is cool, cold like a picture of the arctic or  an ice burg.

A piece of Agate that is orange and red that looks like fire and I will want to do a painting that is like fire and in those warm hues that resemble fire.



BeachOther times; it s a photo I have taken or found that then will lead to tieing in the stones to that picture. For example a picture that is purple I will want to use that picture and incorporate amethyst into a painting with that picture.

I have so many pictures and now stones to work with that I have so so many ideas, all I need now is more time.



I will look at some stones and see them as being clouds or mountains and I try to come up with new and creative ways to use the stones as representational objects of nature. Then clusters of amethyst become mountains, mica becomes mountain tops, quartz sticks become trees. I like to do it in a way where I am using the stones to represent things where you need to use your imagination in viewing my paintings.

I like them to be landscapes or nature scenes but in a abstract, real to sometimes even surreal ways. Sometimes they are ovieouse and  then sometimes you have to really look to get your mind to pull it together.

OvertakingOne of my favorite things to do is to gather the like stones I have and just put them together into a pile or grouping to see how they look together. I love the grandness the stones all together will have. I love to see the textures, color and combinations come together.

I am so intrigued by this. You know how they say “less is more” what….that does NOT apply here to me with these stones. I love the more the better with the grouping of the stones.



I try to find the balance of using the stones by themselves to stand out and together to make the painting a strong piece with the stones standing out and speaking to you with there grandeur, where the painting around it is just supporting the stones.

There is something to be said when you let the unique beauty of one specimen speak. Allowing the spot light to be on it because it is so amazing.

I want you the viewer when you look at my work to be in awe as well with the stones as much as I am. I want you to realize there beauty and me as an artist to just be highlighting them and put them in the spot light in my work.

I want my painting to pull the stones together into something you have never seen before that makes your jaw hit the floor when you see these paintings.


In Conclusion: 

So here is to you all, all of you fellow nut jobs like us finding simple pleasures from these little treasures that will spark your creativity so we as artist can continue to create new and unique pieces of art.

Because no matter what, we can use these objects in our art, call it mixed media and get away with it and our eccentric and off the wall collecting obsessions we have as artistic creative minds.

until the next find……..