Healing Stones associated with the Root Chakra:

When working with the stones for this chakra think red and earth, anything that is grounding is great.

When using these stones for healing, these stones are said to be excellent for anemia and other blood deficiencies. Red offers a healing vibration for depression and lethargy, think spark, energy and passion.  In nature, red represents heat, fire and anger. Rose-red is the color of universal harmony.

Black tourmaline: This is a protective stone when you feel threatened at the survival level.

Fearful. Feel survival threatened. Negative. Exceedingly powerful for 1st Chakra work.


Hematite: This stone helps you to set protective boundaries when you feel as if others are intruding into your private space. Depression, pain. Keep people out of your space.


Black and snowflake obsidian help you to see what material things you no longer need for growth. Extremely Protective. Release from excessive need for possessions.


Smoky quartz, the lightest of the dark stones, helps to blend the energies of the first and seventh chakras.


Tiger’s eye helps you to feel secure about physical existence.

Any of these stones may be placed at the base of the spine or at the feet.


Garnet: Protective


Ruby: Protective of all around you, including family, possessions and good name.


Red Coral: emotional healing, considered a bolster remedy for physical disorders involving blood and bones, nourishing blood cells and strengthening the skeleton. Red aids in conception, mother-child bonding. It also Brings peace, stimulates intuition, enhances vertility and relieves stress.


Red jasper helps to connect us to the flowing energies of the earth.


Ruby, the stone of passion, enhances sensory awareness.


Ruby in Zoisite is a way to benefit from ruby’s energy in a grounding form.


Working with the stones and chakras:

Laying down place the proper gemstone upon the Chakras for 5-25 minutes, best to do while meditating or concentrating on a certain chakra; you can do one or all of them at the same time.


Semi Precious Stones in my Art work:

So when you have a “ELEMENTS” painting in your home that energy from the stones will resonate in that room. Just like if you were to hold a stone, or wear a stone, the properties generate even in the room.

What I like to do and catch myself doing when working on a painting while on the easel is to just touch the stones. Run my fingers across them and just put my hand on them. I am and everyone who has seen these paintings in person are as intrigued with that and will do that. I do encourage touching them and feeling the energy. (please note, you will not pry them off, I have glued them on the panels well)

So every “ELEMENTS” series painting will list the stones I used on the painting and I will have the properties on each piece so you know what energy that will resonate from each piece.

You can also wear them throughout the day as jewelry. As long they are on you they will be the most effective to you.


Healing Stones Jewelry

 You can get great jewelry that uses the stones at:  stonestoheal.com

 or kathykaberline.com

Here is a piece you could wear for this chakra:


Red Apple Coral Fusion Statement Collection

Chakra Alignment Necklace