History of An Artist Part Two: 

I said that “Being An Artist is just WHO I am” it is and always has been a part of me. I do believe that but in the past I also have questioned that and allowed things to get in the way.

Some of that has been me and my own personal emotions and fears, others have been outside circumstances or what we like to call : Life.


What has stopped me from being a “real artist”?

– People telling me I shouldn’t or cant

– People wanting me to do something else and I listened

– Didnt think I could make a living doing it

– Sidetracking myself with other businesses or projects

– Thinking other things would fullfill me

– Being in a small town or area with little art

– Afraid of taking the time to build a body of work

-Doing other things at the time to make money to make a living, art got pushed aside

– My health not allowing me to fully be or do what I wanted



Due to my health the last 14 year have been a constant struggle with that which has also been the main monkey in my wrench so to speak, but I am still working through that.

But I now at 37 have realized to be proud of calling myself an artist. TO stand strong when asked “what do you do”.

To realize that I could and want to be the next success story in the art world. I want to sell my work for 10’s of thousands and be well known.

Bla Bla Bla….all that good stuff that comes along with being a successful artist.

But the main thing is I have now embraced my inner being. Allowing the creativity to flow and to truly be an artist.

It is just who I am.


Why do we fight that as an artist?

Why is it so hard to embrace who we are?

When is it time to put your foot down and make that choice to go for it?

All interesting things to ponder.


Looking Back:

I look back on things and regret some of those things, yet with my health a lot was out of my control, I do know that and struggle with that. But I wish I would have leaned this a long time ago.

Yet we all know we can not change the past only learn from it. Yet I hope to carry out the rest of my days now knowing who I am, that I have now accepted my inner artist and keep driving forward with my art. Maybe that will give me more drive, focus and determination.

Plus maybe waste NO more time. It is up and bright from here on out.

I guess we’ll have to see.

Stay tuned.