Are you Creatively and Sensually Open?

Chakra Series: – A Creative Exploration Through the Chakras

The Sacral chakra; it is our creative and sensual power center, where we hold our creative and sexual energy. This chakra connects us to others through feeling, desire, sensation, and movement. This chakra is also where our emotions and our emotional desires are held.

Do you feel:

–          Patient

–          Enduring

–          Nurturing

–          Secure

–          Sociable

–          Joyous

–          Independent

–          Creative

–          Secure in our bodies

–          Good Communication with others and within our self

–          Emotionally balanced

If you do, then you probably have a balanced or open Sacral Chakra.

Someone with a balanced second chakra is someone who radiates warmth and sincere friendliness without coming on too strongly or seeming clingy.  They are full of energy without coming across as overbearing and or spastic. A person with a open second chakras is open to the world around them, they have great energy, you may say and this could be mentally or physically.

If you feel:

  • If you are no longer enjoying life
  • If you feel angry and frustrated
  • If you are suppressing your emotions
  • If you no longer have sexual desire
  • If you have bladder and kidney infections
  • If you are lacking creativity

If you can say yes to these emotions or thoughts, then your Sacral Chakra may be a little blocked or closed.

No matter if your Sacral Chakra is blocked or open there is always room for improvement and to become consciously aware is your first step.

There are many things you can do in order to work on your Sacral Chakra no matter where you are or how much knowledge you do have.

It is important to work not only specifically on this chakra, but with all your other 6 main chakras for balanced health and true vitality, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.



Our second chakra is located at the middle of the abdomen, it monitors sexuality and reproduction.

The Sacral Chakra is our energy center of sexuality, pleasure and creativity.

The Sacral Chakra resonates with: Fire, energizing, and charging

Healing Stones associated with this second chakra are Carnelian or Red Jasper, just to name a few. They are great to wear and to work with in order to balance this chakra.

The color Orange is the color of this chakra, when working with this chakra picture the color orange, wear orange, have orange around you, light a orange candle and concentrate on a orange light beaming from your abdominal area.

The Archangels Chamuel and Metatron are the angels that help support this chakra, call on them and they will be there to help you in healing, and in balancing this chakra.  A lot of ascended masters and Indian energy come in to assist you with this chakra as well. Be open and call on their presence as well.

So many of us, myself included have been feeling many shifts in life and we are dealing with many changes and transitions in many or all aspect in our life. It is so hard to keep up with everything. It becomes difficult to stay balanced, keep focused, stay grounded and on our path as lightworkers. I think one way to help you stay balanced is to work with your chakras.

I like working with the chakras because it encompasses all aspects of what we deal with on a daily bases, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The Sacral chakra, among all the other 6 chakras are great aspects of yourself that can provide you with so much help in so many ways in your life. I encourage you to take some time to understand and work with your chakras.

Remember you can do this yourself or find a professional like myself who can help you with this, no matter what make sure you just DO IT, you will find that it will worth it.

I wish you vibrant energy to bring in warm orange light to balance your Sacral chakra.