LARGEST Semi Precious Stones Illuminated Painting

48×72 Semi Precious Stones with LED’s Lighting the Agates


This painting is one of my favorites, can I have a favorite as an artist? Well, whether you can or cant I do. I m so happy with how this painting turned out, for many reasons;

– This is my largest of my Illuminated Series

  • I love how the stones are Illuminated in showcasing there each individual beauty
  • ALL the different semi precious stones I used for this painting
  • The amount of semi precious stones I used for this painting
  • I used Mooki Marbles which are 25 million years old
  • I love the colors and how rich the painting looks
  • It looks great lit and not lit
  • It will be an amazing statement piece to light up a room


This painting I wanted to be a WOW painting, one where you look at it and are blown away, truly a statement piece. My inspiration for this large semi precious stones painting was the large agates. I’ve been collecting these for years now, I pulled them out and saw how amazing they went together and wanted to use them in one painting. I loved the colors of them and wanted to highlight them with the LED’s to bring out there true natural beauty.

I wanted the painting to coordinate with the stones and to blend together as one, not have one stand out more than the other. Where the painting would be light where the stones would be darker and have a lot of contrast, instead I wanted a harmony of colors that flowed together. I felt that it came together beautifully.

This, as well as all my Illuminated Series Semi Precious Stones paintings with the LED’s are made possible from my Elecical Engenier Mark Johnson. He is the one who has helped me with his knowledge of the LED’s, saugtering them, putting them together and in all my paintings. A huge THANK YOU to him.


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