History as an Artist: Finding my way as an Artist

My mom told me that when I was a little kid just learning the ways of this world that I would trace pictures and draw rather than write words more than most. I think it was just there with me, naturally.

I then went onto elementary school and would be one of the most artistic in my class where I won a soda can design contest (big deal back then). A day I will never forget. I remember that it just came to me. The other kids would make such in awe comments and I remember mine standing out from the others, yet I didnt really get it, it just came to me, I just did it.

“Teachers didn’t believe me that “I” did what I did as an Artist or in Art” 

In 5th grade we had to do a project with animals, I did a humming bird and the teacher didn’t believe I did it, I had to convince her I did it and not my mom.

I junior high one of my art teachers would allow me to teach the class and help other students because I was more advance than my grade level. I did more assignments in less time. It was interesting through when it came to other subjects I struggled so much, math in particular and never did get it. While students were onto calculus I was still trying to comprehend Algebra 2.


Art and Creativity came NATURALLY, Math and spelling…..were from another world and a foreign concept to me…..forget it. My mind does not work that way 🙂

In high school I did actually teach a semester of art because I was at a private school where art was not offered. They saw my skills and invited me to teach, I was helping those students older and younger than me learn the basics of art. It was fun for me to be ahead like that.

I also was accepted into a National Art Show in high school, that was also so fun to experience and took part in the high school art show, winning an award for that.

CIAAs a junior in high school I signed up for art school which was a bit early to do. I just knew that is where I was meant to be, no hesitation I just knew. I never doubted or question what career or profession I wanted to take or do, it was always an artist or some form of art. I didn’t know exactly what form of art in college but it was just who I was. I saw others around me struggle with what they wanted to be or career, but I didn’t in that way, I was always an artist. As I get older that is becoming more clear and yet I think will always evolve.


In college, I won awards and stood out in certain classes and subjects, got my art work posted on bulletin boards which were all great complements. Advanced in some things and then when it came to technical rendering, I had no chance, I was so bad it was quite funny. Yet there were so many great artist there I felt at home with all of them at all levels. It was so fun to see how amazing to see how talented some other students were.

I have had my fair share of art shows, solo and group. Have set up work where it doesn’t quite fit to set fine work up to try to make it work or to sell. Paying your dues as an artist I guess, we probably all have those stories.


I have always been encouraged and supported with my family with art, which I will always be grateful for.