Before the Professional Artist came out to the Art World:

In the past:

Looking back I have struggled with fully devoting myself to being a professional artist for many years.

Quite interesting to reflect, but it is helping me embrace who I am now.

I fought who I was as an artist for a long time.


One reason was location the other was my own emotions and opinions that played a factor.

Location: It did play a roll

Being from Greeley Colorado as small town in Northeastern Colorado, we had very little art influence in the town. We could drive an half hour to a larger town of Fort Collins and it was better but not huge, then about an hour away from Boulder and Denver where you found more art and more of an artist community in those areas.

Thus, I went to the big city of Denver for art college at the Colorado Institute of Art. There I found my place and comfort in those other artists like me who could relate to art as a part of who they were.

I worked as a Art Director flourishing in roll as the head of the department in a international based company. Loved it.



Tried moving to Australia, didnt work.

Moved back to Denver to work at a large advertising company as an Art Director doing Ford commercials and advertising.

Did well, loved it.




Got sick, lost it all.


I had to move back to Greeley. I became ill and then my professional art options became slim to none. Even having a degree in Graphic Designing and a fine artist, there were very few options in that small of town. Let alone fine art, nope.

You must do something else rather than art in order to make a large income or strong income, I was told and had in my mind at the time.

So I tried something else, thinking that would be better. It worked for a while and then it didnt stick.

I just felt that I was missing something and not being true to myself.

Tried to move to Vegas to further explore my art. Didnt work, came back to Colorado.

corn fieldI then moved to Fort Morgan Colorado in the country where Denver was an hour away. It is a small town where town was 15 min away and the thought of commuting was too much.

Closes I could find was advertising job in town. Yet again still not ART or creativity which was my strongest aspect of who I am.

Kicked butt but was still missing ME really, my art and my creativity.

Yet now married I needed to do something for an income in this little area I called home. Extremely limited options. I tried many things, nothing stook.

Then as I felt I needed to do for a living and to support my husband at the time we build our own company. Yet it was his company, doing what he loved and knew. I help build and support, after all that is how we could make a living. One does need to eat.

I tried my art around that time. The drive and feeling became so strong I had to. I could not fight not doing art any longer.


Suppressing it was not working, my creativity just grew and came out. I had to paint.


SO I DID> it wasnt great but I was painting, I had no room, I had to fit that into our small home, paint in the freezing basement with gloves, even fighting the husband justifying my time painting, he was semi supportive.

I then I ended up by the grace of God to paint under my mentor for a couple of years, building my painting skills. A great part of my life. I had to drive an hour to get to him and paint, but it was worth it.

The feeling began to grow where I was having a hard time not going all in.

I then was taken in another direction with a spiritual business and endeavor, which is where I thought I needed to be at the time. Again, I thought that I had to do something other than art to make a living. That was great, but the creativity in me began to build where it again I couldn’t contain it or suppress it any longer.

I began painting again. Realizing this is ME. Why was I ignoring, fighting who I was so much.

Was the money the only reason. Who said that the money would not be there.

I saw and knew other full time, professional artists making a living. I was in San Diego a large city with a ton of art and galleries. Why couldnt I?

SO I decided to make the leap into full time art.



After all it is who I am.