My “ART” Background:

I am a fifth generation artist, so maybe that explains my love, talent and appreciation of art comes from, making it deeply rooted in me.

– Fifth Generation Artist

– Third Generation Fine Artist

– Second Generation Professional Artist


Artistic Line in my Family: All on my grandmas side of the family

First: Great Great Grandma

Second: Great Grandpa and Grandma

Third: Grandma

Forth: Mom

Fifth: Me


Great Great Grandma

It stems from my moms side of the family, my great great grandma was a large quilter, did a lot of padding, and crocheted everyday, which was one of my grandmas fondest memories of her. We have a few things from her.

Great Grandpa 

My great grandpa did printing, pen and ink and calligraphy. While we are unsure of where his work and his pens ended up my mom told me stories of how he would find such joy in the medium and where she would watch him create, he also did a lot of work for the church my grandma told me. There was a break in at my great grandparents place and we think most of it got stolen.

Great Grandma

My great grandma, so both of my grandmas parents were artistic and creative. She did a lot of sewing, my grandma told me she sewed all her dresses and clothing, she also did knitting and crochet work, from what my mom says they were really talented and did quite a bit of work.

It is hard to say where most things are, I will have to contact other family members to see what they have and where things are at. As for my dads side, nothing and my brother didn’t get the creative bug like I did either.


My grandma on the same side of the family, is an artist as well, mostly painting; landscapes (she was in the Bob Ross and William Alexander era, she painted happy trees), some still life, animals and clown paintings, tole painting, knit and crochet work, sewing, rubber stamps etc. and now scrap booking. She has more scrap booking supplies than Michaels I am not kidding.

As a kid she sewed little dolls and doll clothes for me, oh my gosh I thought they were the best things ever and still are in my mind. She was really talented at it and with her art. My grandpa from there 63 years of marriage was always really supportive of her and would brag about grandmas art.


Next is my mom who is also a life long artist as well, at a young age creating art, even in high school painting, pottery and creating. She is a very eclectic and diverse artist dabbling in many mediums and forms of art. She is the most diverse artist I know, while being good at them all, she is so talented. She has never really stuck to ONE kind of medium or art, but is so talented at what ever new artist adventure she chooses to do. I am not like that so I so appreciate that in her as an artist.

Some of her mediums include and not limited to:

– Oil and Acrylic Painting

– Stained Glass

– Jewelry

– Colored Pencil

– Charcoal

– Sewing

-Fiber arts

My grandma did not work nor do it professionally due to the era, nor did my great grandparents or great great grandma.

My mom is a professional artist so I would be a second generation professional artist and a third generation fine artist, if you want to look at it like that.

The Future of Artist in the Family

My cousin on the same side of the family is 11 and she is loving art and is quite good, she and my mom in Colorado get together in my moms craft store basement and create just like we did as kids.  So we are hopping it sticks, and my brothers daughter who is still 2.5 but we are hoping it is carried to her as well. I will not have children so I hope we can continue to keep that carried on through them…..stay tuned through out the years and we’ll see what happens.

My other side of the family or my dads side, nothing. It is quite funny how it is all in the one side. It also didnt effect my uncle or brother on my moms side of the family, which I think is so interesting.