Getting hooked on Semi Precious Stones: thanks goes to my mom

About 14 or so years ago my mom, a professional artist decided to hang up her rubber stamping business and start creating jewelry. So she began buying and collecting semi precious stones.

Yes, that is it, she is the culprit to my new found madness for Semi Precious Stones.

She started to go to Gem and Jewelry Shows in Denver, an hour from where she lives. She began going crazy.

She has shinny object syndrome.

She talked about going to these shows and I thought she was crazy.

Her house was already like Micheals in its self, let alone MORE craft crap…..I thought she was crazy. She is the ultimate collector, especially of anything artistic let alone shinny. She would buy so so so much, I just couldnt get it.

I would tell her, “Why are you buying more when you havent even used what you had?”

I just didnt understand her logic. We were so different when it came to how we thought about that and how we live.

She collected, got more, stuff her stuff in every nook and cranny she had in her home. Me, I would go through my storage in my basement every year and if I didnt use it, it went to good will. I loved the feeling of getting rid of things, moving the energy, giving to those who needed and wanted it. We are so opposite with that. It is really funny and we still laugh about it still to this day.


I began to eat my words

beadsSo one day I decided to go with her to one of her shows. ba ba ba…..

I stepped into another world……I was shocked with what I saw. Piles of strands of beads, everywhere, table after table pilled high, booth after booth. EVERYWHERE beads, every shape, color and kind. I think I went around with my jaw on the ground.


denver gem show


This little collection I once rolled my eyes to was actually really cool….ok so it was addicting, mesmerizing.



denver jewelry showIt was so crazy to see so many people going crazy over such shinny things. I then began to get the shinny object syndrome like my mom had.

I then got the excitement and became like my mom was, out to find the perfect strand the greatest bargain. I find the most unique kind of stone and gem we could find.

I of course had no clue about jewelry, only what my mom made. So I just went off what she wanted and what was so intriguing to me.

I really didnt get me anything, well, because at the time I didnt need anything.

Yet, for years I was hooked. We had so much fun going together, again to find that new shinny treasure.

It was also so fun to be so excited about doing something together.


My Use of Semi Precious Stones

Yet a couple of years ago, many bead, gem and jewelry shows later she asked me why I couldn’t incorporate these stones into my art.

Well? Why NOT?

Yet at the time I was very traditional with my art. That’s what I learned, was liking the most to paint. Mixed Media was not really something that I have done before.

After all, I am not good at crafty things or 3 D projects. But I had such a love for the stones and loved to go to the show so much.

Yet I loved the stones, so I decided to be open to it and I then started other artists who may be incorporating semi precious stones into there art.

I couldnt find any? SO. I thought to myself …..maybe this may work. No one else is maybe I could be one of the first. ??

So I also at the time started researching other abstract and mixed media artists I admired.

I was quite surprised what I found. I was shocked at what I liked and what I would want to try as an artist, but it was so different from what I was currently doing and what was taught to me as an artist.

Yet I was also trying to do more art that was more loose, and had more texture, where I could paint more free than what I was doing.

So I did, little by little I started incorporating semi precious stones into my work.

Dark Sun

My first semi precious stone painting, Agate


Evolving ELEMENTS 

I started with one stone and have gone on from there. Now where I use as many as I can get away with on a panel to further evolve my series where I use semi precious stones my ELEMENTS series.


I try to capture the bold essence of nature, that small, simple moment in time where the light hits the landscapes perfectly and takes your breath away. Where our busy life is stopped to watch Gods work in action. Capturing your attention with awe and feeling that moment not just seeing it. I want to put that moment onto a canvas.




I have chosen to use the semi precious stones in my work because they are another unique wonder that has been created by nature, I admire their complexity and beauty. I love the properties of the stones and putting them together like I do on my panels to display their beauty.


So through all these years, I am now collecting something: semi precious stones. My mom ships me boxes full, we both are now hooked.

I am having a ball with using the stones and I hope you will enjoy them and add them to your own personal art collection so I can continue justifying my habit of buying stones so I can continue to create more art with the stones.

Thanks to all of us gem, mineral, art, mixed media and rock hounds who share my love.


Plus and extra thanks to my mom who began all of this. I love you and thank you for supporting me, my art and my new found habit. I will be forever grateful no matter what happens.

Heres to more shows with you mom. xo