My Inspiration:

It has always been easy to find ideas and inspiration for any project. Anything to me can spark an idea. I will see things in a book or magazine and be inspired and then twist it creatively to where I want it to go. I see something and that just jumps me off into where I need to go. This happens really quick for me. One idea leads to the next until I come up with an idea for the project I would be working on and them I am ready to execute.

California beachNature has and is right now my biggest inspiration. I love looking at a landscape scene or sky and seeing the natural beauty and trying to recreate it. I love how things in nature just come together perfectly. I love to paint sky’s where the colors are so vibrant and moving when you look at them. To capture the detail in a cloud or wave or even tree. I love to capture the emotion in that moment by recreating it on a canvas. I want you to feel that same emotion when you look at my art as you do when you are standing at the shore of the ocean watching the beauty of a sunset.


Estes Park ColoradoLandscapes are my favorite thing to paint. I have painted still life and other subjects, but nothing has stuck like landscapes. Realistic or abstract they are my favorite to create.

Emotion is also my inspiration, I want my art to invoke a emotion in you, to move you and to make you feel something when you look at my art. Sometimes is happy, sometimes its sad or dark and powerful by using black and grays, not putting any judgment on it by being good or bad, as long as there is a strong emotion. Maybe its a memory you have from the past or reminds you of something that makes you feel happy or reminds you of a place you have once been.

I want excitement and awe when looking at my work, not boring and seen that a million time while leaving no lasting impression.

Good art to me is powerful, where you love to look at it over and over and never get sick of it. You appreciate it and it brings you joy and adds to your room, enhances your room even. Where guest walk into your room in your home for the first time and there jaws hit the floor because they love it so much, it makes an impression, that is art to me, that is what I want my art to do.

I want my art to grab you to capture you and your attention in some way. Not be in a room and get passed over as if nothing was there at all.


Who wants boring, I don’t.


I think a piece of art can make a room, tie the room together and when you have a great piece of art on your walls you will never regret it. If you love it you will not be able to live with out it.

So with every piece of art I create, I ask myself, how can I make this powerful? How can I make this sing and speak to the viewer? What can I do or add to make this piece stand out and different?

Moonlite Amethyst With my “Elements” abstract series where I use semi precious stones, I always ask myself if there is enough stones on the piece to make it powerful and stand out. I want it to be over the top, to have you want to touch it or to move you in some way. I want to go all out and make a lasting impression on you where you like it so much you would want it in your own home to admire and feel that ever day.



I love when people ask me how I did that in awe of the piece there looking at,

while the piece was simple to execute. Making the ordinary extraordinary.


I love the big and the grand. I want impact and gusto. Another place I find inspiration is in Vegas, that truly inspires me. The Bellagio is a great example. Their foia where Dale Chihuly has is glass sculptures on the ceiling is simply spectacular. The amount of effort, time, pieces that are up there are just amazing, there is not one person who would say other wise, if so slap those fools. It is amazing. Also their garden area they have, they go all out with there creations, it is so impactful in every way. That is where I would like to be in the future as an artist is to make that kind of impact with my art on a large scale with instillation like that.

I love the large scale, to me it is more impactful. Large and grand inspire me. That doesn’t mean that a small 16×20 painting can not have impact, I think they can, but I love the large. That is what excites. me. The older I get the larger I seem to go. The amount of room I have now I can only get so big, I simply do not have the room, so in the future I want to paint and create even bigger and create large instillation’s.

Strong values, high contrast and deep colors really inspire me as well. I love the landscapes, or anything where it is primarily dark with a bit of light, that really move me. I love the really dark and emotional sunsets with a hint of the sun. I love Rembrandt’s work where ¾ of the painting is dark with minimal light on a face, I think that adds so much emotion to a painting.