Myself As an Artist

People ask me “How long have you been an artist?”

I get a bit puzzled by this question.


I think I was born an artist.

It is naturally just who I am.


Me with my Jewels when I was little

Me with my Jewels when I was little

I think I was born with the golden ratio intertwined in me, I feel I see things differently than most, I see things as an artist.

Yet when I say that it sounds so narcissistic, as if when I say it I should be sipping my tea with my pinky out and then flick my hair back to further gloat and feel more self important, then put a tone in my voice while saying that as if I am “that” important or superior as being THAT cool.

I have been witness to this as other artist have told me this. While not only there work is in their mind on a golden display but as well as there egos. As if they are a elite chosen few that I should bow to them in all there glory because they are “natural artists”.

Some people are gear good at math and can just “get” it, they see numbers go on to be accountants, some just “get “ letters and words, are good at spelling and English (or their native language). Some are natural linguists and can memorize and comprehend multiple languages, some people can just see and live computer code and complicated equations.

I do understand that people become artist later in life, and make a choice to tackle an artist career. Some try other things until they realize there calling with art and then become artist. Some do it for fun and not as a career and still call themselves artists.

I respect that, lets be clear here and I don’t think you have to be born knowing this in order to call yourself an artist. There is a lot of controversy over this “I am an artist” statement can be different from one opinion to the next.

That question is weird to me because I just don’t know any different, I have always been an artist or have had art as the biggest thing in my life. I was born and raised with art around me, it is apart of me in many ways.

Artistic FreedomMe, I just see the world as art, I am visual, I am creative. Creativity is my strength. I can just see things in a visual way, picture things, my level of creativity is high where I have a million creative ideas in my head at one time. I can see them, and then conceptualize them and then create them into a piece of art. Creativity is just “me”. I just “get” it.

I would just do things artistically and not know technically what I was doing and they just worked or came to me. I then got older and learned what those things were in art and began to study them.

I love the visions and creative ideas I get and then the challenge of executing them onto a canvas or bringing them into life.

When there is a job or project to do I will have a million ideas instantly in my mind, I love sitting down and sketching them out and breaking it down into the best way to go.

I think it comes so natural to me that I don’t quite comprehend it. It is just automatically there for me, it is just as there as me having curly hair and hazel eyes, it just IS.

I am also really good about copying things, as a kid I would take a coloring book that was filled with black contour lines and copy them, one of my favorites was the Precious Moments dolls. I found coloring them easy where I wanted to recreate them. I am not perfect and a work in progress, while I do think art is a life long process and one you never master, but perspective came naturally as well for me. I just got color, composition and perspective. Yet these are all things that will become more fined tuned as an artist, but I just understood them quickly.

Yet ask me to spell anything or to do anything math related, forget it, give me a dictionary and a calculator and that at least gives me a fighting chance, but no guaranty. My mind is not geared that way at all. It is actually kind a funny how bad I am at that.

I do feel that we all need to be diverse in all these things in order to have balance in the world. So I am grateful for those who make up for my lack of understanding spelling, grammar and shortcomings when it comes to those subjects. I thank all of you that balance me and complement me.