Inspired by Natures Elements:


estes park

View from my grandparents cabin in Estes Park Colorado

Being from Colorado we would always go up to my grandparents cabin in the mountains. I loved it there. I do feel that I will always feel at home there. It is apart of me, I will begin to miss them and crave the mountain air, the sound of the pine trees and aspens blowing in the wind and the how the mountains make me feel.

I think it is because of this I love to paint landscapes so much. Landscapes are probably my favorite subject to view with art and I have always been in love with my mentor; Clifford Bailey’s landscapes.

I love natures diversity and where there is not a right and wrong, so many different places, colors to capture where it is so many dimensions to capture on a canvas.

I have always taken a million pictures of a sunset. For years I would take even a million more in order to paint from them.


The Sea: 

San Diego Beach

San Diego Beach

Then I moved to the beach, ah yes, the ocean. Another spectacular landscape to try and capture on canvas.

It is easy to say that the mountains and sea have captured my heart and I have found myself in both of them.

I can sit and stair at the waves crashing on the shore for hours.

My first experience was when I was 10, we visited Florida and went to St Petersburg beach. I was hooked. I loved it. Ever sense I was trying to move to the ocean.

The sea was calling. It took me a while to listen but I finally did and have never regretted it.


I want to capture timeless moments that we experience in life and put them onto a canvas so you can look at them and find yourself captured in the moment once again.

I want you to be moved by my work. I want it to evoke a emotion or memory that moves you, speaks to you and impacts you in some way. I want my art to impact and enhance your living space and life. To have that lasing intrigue with that piece every time you look at it.


I want my art to speak and stand out, not blend in and get passed by.

I try to capture the bold essence of nature, that small, simple moment in time where the light hits the landscapes perfectly and takes your breath away. Where our busy life is stopped to watch Gods work in action. Capturing your attention with awe and feeling that moment not just seeing it. I want to put that moment onto a canvas.