The “6” key Steps in Overcoming Resistance:

 How to Overcome Resistance as an Artist

As an artist I deal with fighting resistance on a regular bases, I know most artist do. If it is not one thing it usually is another. Yet here are some steps that have helped me tame the beast of resistance. I so hope they help you as well so you can remain in your creative outlet and continue to strive as an artist.


The first step in overcoming resistance is:

We must know right away that Resistance will always be with us. ALWAYS!

 I believe that we will always have to push through resistance, but having a conscious awareness to this is the first step in overcoming it.  We must learn to acknowledge it, respect it and understand that it is a part of you.

In your life, the secret between truly successful people and unsuccessful people; it is this; it is not coming up with the ideas that is the hard part, it is taking the time to complete them and taking action in doing them. What keeps us from actually doing this is resistance.

The secret is pushing through resistance.


Second Step in overcoming resistance is:

We must stop it as soon as it starts in our mind!

We must be aware of its presence and stop it.

How do we do this? When resistance shows up, for example let’s say you have a project that needs to get done. You need to do it and it is a little challenging for you to do, and that you really just don’t want to do it.

You must ignore all of the little things that pop up in your mind when sitting down to do that project. ALL OF THEM. You will hear them, most of the time they will be from your ego, they will not be legitimate thoughts, they will be more fear or ego based.

Simply put: ignore them.

Then push through them, begin to concentrate and focus on what you need to be doing. Your mind will begin to focus on your project and those thoughts that resistance brings to you will slowly disappear. You will begin to lose yourself which is also when spirit comes in and can move through you and you just get in a productive mode, further pushing resistance to the side.


Third Step in overcoming resistance is:

Utilizing our strength when dealing with our own resistance is what determines our outcomes.

 You must not let resistance affect you or overcome you in one way or another.

It is a sneaky little bugger, it can creep us in your conscious minds quickly while hiding in your subconscious waiting to attack at any time.

We must learn to keep our resistance thoughts at bay. Resistance will always be there, we must understand that our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are stronger than it is.

Resistance has no power over you unless you allow it to.

You, your inner light being, your core or true self is stronger than resistance, your light will over shine it at any time. You must always remember that.


Forth Step in overcoming resistance is:

Deciding where you stand? Which side are you choosing to be on? You choose every time.

I want all of you to keep this in mind: there are professionals and amateurs in life; in every industry and many different career paths in life.

The difference between the two is that professionals will know resistance, stair it in the face everyday and push through it and not be affected by it.

While amateurs will become defeated before they start, procrastinate, make excuses and go nowhere.

The amateur gives excuses while the professional takes action.

The amateur will be stuck while the professional gets results.

The amateur plays part time while the professional is dedicated full time.

A professional seeks order and structure, the amateur goes by the seat of his pants and the chaotic notions of resistance.

The amateur jumps around and rushes through things, without fully completing projects while a professional creates a strong foundation and sees through to completion.

The amateur listens to the negative voices of others, while the professional hears them and lets them go out the other ear as quickly as they came in.


Fifth Step in overcoming resistance is:

Clarify who you are!

The more you have identified and have a clear picture of:

–          Who you are

–          Where you want to be

–          What you want to do

–          What is your ultimate goal

–          What your truly passionate about

The more clarity you have the better you can defend resistance with it appears. So when you hear the voice of resistance you can recognize it as being false, pushing you in the direction that is not in your highest good, you can recognize that and quickly put yourself back on your path on where it is you want to be.


Another important thing is having a clear PLAN. The more you can identify a clear and focused plan the more determination you have on your path, there is less room for resistance to sneak in.

Clarity and determination are great things against resistance.


Sixth Step in overcoming resistance is:

Reward Yourself!

Every time you accomplish something, do something fulfilling for yourself. Reward yourself with something that makes you happy. It could be large or small it doesn’t matter.

Celebrate in your accomplishments; this will motivate you in the future when resistance shows up again. It will also help you push through resistance, knowing that you have something great waiting on the other end.


Resistance and Creativity:

Resistance can stifle our creativity. It can hold us back; prevent us from doing what we want, and love to do in all areas of our life.

By overcoming resistance we can allow our creativity to flow more openly and freely in all areas of our life. Freeing ourselves of resistance can create us to be more productive in all areas of our life therefore creating more happiness in what we do.

Resistance can affect us all; artist and non artist alike. Remember it has no power until you give it, it just waits for you to acknowledge it.  You must always push through it. The more clear you can be with who you are the better you will be.

If you feel you need more help with this please feel free to contact me personally and I can help you channel spirit and see what maybe hidden or holding you back you may not be consciously aware of. I can help you build your defense against resistance.