Rising Tide

The making; Behind the Scenes

Acrylic on Panel


Mixed Media

2.5 Museum Wrap Panel

Semi-Precious Stones

ORIGINAL – this is the original, there are no reproductions done or going to be done of this piece

Stones Used: 

The large more 3 dimensional pieces are quartz, the slices are agate, the smaller rocks in the middle are marble and the smaller rocks by the quartz are Labradorite.

Quartz: Wonderful multi use stone. Enhances energy of all other stones and metals. Harmonious and powerful. Aids communication. Sign of Entire Zodiac.

Agate: Protection, Strength, Harmony. Agate’s most noticeable properties  overall are balancing yin/yang energy, courage, protection, healing, and calming.

Agate is a stone of strength. It was used by the Ancients on the breastplates of armor to give warriors strength and make them victorious in battle. Energetically, it is considered to give strength in both battle and physically.

Labradorite: Protects ones aura, keeps it clear, balanced, protected and free of energy leaks. Transforms intuition into intellectual thought. Symbolized the moon and helps one to advance to ascension. Also symbolic of the sun providing vitality and sense of self during transitions. Enhances patience. Sign of Sagittarius, Scorpio & Leo.

Marble – a “Metamorphic” rock, which means that it began its existence as another type of stone – usually limestone, and was changed into its present form and composition by various geological forces. It can be found in remarkable colors that vary from pure white and slightly translucent to black, being sometimes yellow, red, brown and green, frequently beautifully veined or clouded.

Marble is said to have a cleansing effect, beneficial for one’s blood and skin. It’s used extensively in Homeopathy and Naturotherapy as a balancing agent, said to enhance one’s serenity. It is considered to provide clarity and mastery of thought which makes it beneficial for states of meditation and contemplation. It is also said to allow for total recall of dreams.


Here are some pictures of “Rising Tide” in the making:

Here is the Finished Piece: http://artoftesa.com/product/rising-tide/


Rising Tide