heartchakra-281x300History of the Chakra:

The Vedas are the oldest written tradition in India, (1,500 – 500 B.C.) There is some mention of the chakras as psychic centers of consciousness in the Yoga dating back 600B.C. implying that the goal of yoga was to rise above nature for the realization of pure consciousness, free of the fluctuations of the mind and emotions.

The chakra system and Kundalini yoga arose within the Tantric tradition, during the second half of the first millennium The main text about chakras that has come to us in the West is a translation by the Englishman, Arthur Avalon, in his book,The Serpent Power published in 1919.

These texts: the Sat-Cakra-Nirupana, written by an Indian man in 1577, and the Padaka-Pancaka, written in the 10th century, contain descriptions of the centers and related practices. There is also another 10th century text, called the Gorakshashatakam, which gives instructions for meditating on the chakras. These texts form the basis of our understanding of chakra theory and Kundalini yoga today. https://sacredcenters.com


Understanding the Chakras:

It is said that we have hundreds of chakras, we usually focus on the 7 main chakras that run through the center vertically throughout the front of our bodies. While great to understand them all in all of their functions, we are concentrating on the main 7 throughout this series on a more basic level.

Throughout our body we have the 7 main energy centers, or chakras. The state of each chakra reflects the health of a particular area of your body, they are connected to major organs or glands that govern other body parts. They interact with the physical body through two major vehicles, the endocrine system and the nervous system.

These chakras reflect your psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being. All of your senses, perceptions, states of awareness, thoughts, everything that you experience, can be divided into seven categories. Each category can be associated with a particular chakra.


Each of these main energy centers is referred to as chakra; which is Sanskrit for the word wheel. They are known as this because they appear clairvoyantly as whirling images of light.


Think of each one of your chakras as a wheel-like spinning vortex that whirls in a circular motion forming a vacuum in the center that draws in anything it encounters on its particular vibratory level, which affects our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  This includes energy from others, your own energy of how you deal with things such as your emotions, thoughts, and what you encounter on a daily basis. They soak up energy and radiate outward energy as well.


The chakras like most things in life need to be balanced. Not too open and not too closed. When balanced we feel the energy flow throughout our bodies which bring us a level of peace and flow in all areas of our life.  This energy is known as the prana or chi that flows through our lives.

If the chakras are unbalanced – not properly aligned or blocked – it can affect all areas of our health and within our lives.

We must remember we and everything is all inner- connected. So when one chakra is off or unbalanced this could also lead the other chakras around that unbalanced one to be off as well.  When this happens we do feel it on either a physical, emotional or mental level or a combination of them. You will get sometimes subtle signs.


For example: If you’re having headaches then you may want to look at your third eye chakra and see what emotions that connect with that chakra and then determine what emotions in your life you are currently having a hard time with. Remember it is all connected.


Our spirit or soul, our emotional and mental human psyches are complex and hard to fully understand. However, medical doctors has proven that many bio toxins and other impurities, which include negative thoughts on a mental or emotional level, chemical enhancements in our food and water, environmental pollutants, influence our body.

Being around these kinds of “pollutions” can cause chakra imbalances to manifest, which may eventually affect us on a physical level.

With treating or dealing with outside things that can be toxic to our bodies, most of the time traditional health care are unable to naturally or totally get rid of the symptoms we may be having or completely cure our problems, this means it is up to each individual to improve their health conditions.

I believe it is important when looking at a disease or heath issue to look in many diverse areas in order to find answers and what will work for your specific situation, therefore understanding the chakra system can help improve your own health and all levels of your being.


The 7 Chakras:



Located above the head. This chakra links the individual with the universal.

Air, meditative, intuition, promotes thought

Stones: Clear Quartz or amethyst

Color: Clear or white or violet

Arch Angel: Zadkiel


amethyst-265347_640THIRD EYE CHAKRA – SIXTH CHAKRA

Located between the eyes. This is intelligence and psychic power. It is you inner compass.

Air, meditative, intuition, promotes thought

Stones: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli or Moonstone

Color: Purple

Arch Angel: Gabriel



Located at the throat. This is the creativity, self-expression, communication  and the search for truth. The chakra of “your true voice”.

Water, calming, soothes, relaxes

Stones: Turquoise, Aventurine or Blue Lace Agate

Color: Blue

Arch Angel: Michael



Located at the heart. This is the higher consciousness and love. Relationships and self acceptance.

Water, calming, soothes, relaxes

Stones: Jade, Malachite or Rose Quartz.

Color: Green or Pink

Arch Angel: Raphael


citrine-757142_640 (1)SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA – THIRD CHAKRA

Located at the solar plexus. This is the sense of identity, personal power and self esteem.  Life force chakra.

Fire, energizing, charging, lends energy

Stones: Citrine or Tigers eye

Color: Yellow

Arch Angel: Chamuel cha-mel


Carnelian-001-300x283SACRAL CHAKRA – SECOND CHAKRA

Located at the genitals. The chakra that monitors sexuality and reproduction.  The energy center of sexuality and pleasure.

Fire, energizing, charging

Stones: Carnelian or Red Jasper
Color: Orange

Arch Angel: Chamuel and Metatron A lot of ascended masters and Indian energy come in here.


Orange_Garnet-sample2-300x225ROOT CHAKRA – FIRST CHAKRA

Located at the base of the spine and groin area. career, money mindset and sense of belonging.

Earth, grounding, focusing, centering

Stones: Garnet, Coral, Hematite or Bloodstone

Color: Red

Arch Angel-Sandalphon and Michael