Healing Stones associated with the fourth chakra:


Aventurine is the stone most related to physical health and heart balancing.


Emerald relates most directly to the spiritual aspects of love.


Green calcite Eases old, limiting beliefs (especially those based on fear) from the mind so that new ideas can flourish.


Green tourmaline opens the creative elements of the heart, i.e., adding an emotional depth to one’s creations.


Lepidolite helps to calm the heart and relieves stress. Promotes an open heart, honesty and trust.


Malachite releases congestion in the solar plexus, and aids creativity.


Malachite-Chrysocolla blends malachite’s ability with chrysocolla’s gift of soothing and calming. Clarifies and clear emotional blockages.


Pink Calcite helps to release old and hurtful emotional patterns so that the heart can be open to receive and give unconditional love.


Rhodochrosite helps to relieve anxiety. Brings love and balance to the life. Considered quite potent.


Rhodonite helps us to be patient with others. Unconditional love. Powerful. Helps singers.


quartz-208508_640Rose quartz is the stone for helping to create unconditional self-love.


Green Aventurine Activator and clearer of Heart Chakra. Used to protect the Heart Chakra.


Rose Quartz: Instills self-love, gentleness, peace and calm.


Jade: Attunes one to the needs of others. Improves self-reliance. Longevity.


Pink Kunzite: Powerful at bringing peace and remove fear from those who’ve lost in love.


Pink Opal: Release old problems. Promote peace and self-love.


Emerald: Generates harmony in all aspects of life.


Working with the stones and chakras:

Laying down place the proper gemstone upon the Chakras for 5-25 minutes, best to do while meditating or concentrating on a certain chakra; you can do one or all of them at the same time.

So when you have a “ELEMENTS” painting in your home that energy from the stones will resonate in that room. Just like if you were to hold a stone, or wear a stone, the properties generate even in the room.

What I like to do and catch myself doing when working on a painting while on the easel is to just touch the stones. Run my fingers across them and just put my hand on them. I am and everyone who has seen these paintings in person are as intrigued with that and will do that. I do encourage touching them and feeling the energy. (please note, you will not pry them off, I have glued them on the panels well)

So every “ELEMENTS” series painting will list the stones I used on the painting and I will have the properties on each piece so you know what energy that will resonate from each piece.