Healing Stones associated with the sixth chakra:


Amethyst: known as nature’s tranquilizer, helps in sleep and in peaceful dreams. Connects physical to spiritual and is useful in connections between the 6th & 7th Chakras.


Azurite: helps us to consciously look at old programmed beliefs and dissolve them.


Charoite:  helps to dissolve fears, both known and unknown.


Hawk’s eye: helps us to see our lives as with aerial vision.


Kyanite reminds me that everything which happens is for a purpose, and that we are ultimately in charge, and often brings to surface beliefs we have accepted as fact.


Dk Blue Kyanite: Said to align all Chakras and never needs cleansing.


Sodalite: helps in balance when one is emotionally or mentally confused. Encourages truthfulness in emotion, self-esteem and trust.


Moss agate: helps to balance the left and right sides of the brain.


Sugilite: helps to release resentment and guilt.Powerful, but expensive, helps us realize we are all one. Improves wisdom, protects the sensitive.


Lapis Lazuli: Purifies the heart to make just decisions. Meditation support. Helps us to discover our hidden beliefs and bring them to the surface.


Purple Fluorite: Clear negative thoughts that hold us back. Repels evil and brings about higher states.


Dumortierite: Help recall Past Lives, including knowledge and wisdom acquired during previous lives.


Blue Aventurine: Opens Third Eye Chakra.  Increasing awareness and insight.


Tanzanite: Bridge to the pureness of true spirituality


Working with the stones and chakras:

Laying down place the proper gemstone upon the Chakras for 5-25 minutes, best to do while meditating or concentrating on a certain chakra; you can do one or all of them at the same time.

So when you have a “ELEMENTS” painting in your home that energy from the stones will resonate in that room. Just like if you were to hold a stone, or wear a stone, the properties generate even in the room.

What I like to do and catch myself doing when working on a painting while on the easel is to just touch the stones. Run my fingers across them and just put my hand on them. I am and everyone who has seen these paintings in person are as intrigued with that and will do that. I do encourage touching them and feeling the energy. (please note, you will not pry them off, I have glued them on the panels well)

So every “ELEMENTS” series painting will list the stones I used on the painting and I will have the properties on each piece so you know what energy that will resonate from each piece.