Behind the Scenes:

Here is the process or steps in the making of “Red Sea” the commission of Parting of the Red Sea of Reeds

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Red Sea

Oil on Panel


Mixed Media

2.5 Museum Wrap Panel

Semi-Precious Stones


Stones Used: 

  1. Red; Carnelian
  2.  Peridot
  3. Emerald (rough) and agate, or onyx black

Second row

  1. Malachite
  2. Lapis lazuli
  3. Onyx and Citrine

Third row

  1. Amber
  2. Agate
  3. Amethyst

Fourth row

  1.  Pyrite to represent gold-stone, lapis lazuli,  amber, Jasper
  2.  Beryl or rock crystal)
  3. Jasper (red)


Symbolic Stones and Items: 

The large quartz cluster on the bottom left is raised to stand above the other stones; the represents Moses. Leading or looking down among the people.

Beside him is a tambourine representing Miriam, the sister of Moses and a prophetess in her own right, sang a beautiful song during this miracle, and she did it to the accompaniment of what we would now call a tambourine.


Other stones used: 



Botswana Agate


Coco Geodes


Behind the Scenes: Beginning to End