As an Artist here are some tips to spark your creativity!


Let go and Create!

  1. Get inspired; look at pictures what have you seen that you love that you want to do, paint, make, create, and duplicate what you see. Let them motivate and inspire you. Look on the internet, magazines etc….
  2. Loosen up! Don’t be hard on yourself, step outside of the box and do not have tunnel vision or narrow minded thinking. Get a large newsprint pad, large paper or poster board and some good ol’ crayons and let loose, draw whatever you like, think freedom and just letting go.  This clears your mind and opens your thinking up. This is for fun and does not need the pressure of being gallery worthy.
  3. Take pictures. Get your creative eye in focus. Whatever camera you have take pictures of what inspires you or that you like. Take different angles, textures, close ups, anything weird and different. Get in nature and do this, this will also clear your mind where you will find yourself concentrating on that and nothing else, great stress reliever.
  4. Take an art class. Get out there and open yourself up to something new, this helps break the monotony of that dull, stuck and musty feeling that you have in your mind. This helps you release your stubborn ways and creates growth for you. Most classes are light and fun and of all levels and ages.
  5. Try something new; new medium, new technique, new media, anything new, this could be artistic or crafty. Up to you, just be open and creative.
  6. Hit the books; go to a bookstore, library or craft or art store and get some book of new things you want to try or duplicate.
  7. Find a partner to create with, bounce ideas off them and just have fun together.
  8. Go to an art/craft store with a friend; each one of you (coupon in hand) have a $10-20 limit and go and by each other new tools, supplies or items to create something for a project for the day. Make if fun and don’t worry about needing to see this piece for a million bucks at the gallery downtown. Just have fun here.
  9. Do a mixed media piece. Gather what you have around the house and get a canvas from the store. Whatever size you feel that you have artistic freedom with. Get the basics, glue, tape and what have you and ONLY use what you can find…..this can be rocks, shells (lord knows in my house you will find those) and put together a project. Or create a sculpture. Whatever you prefer.
  10. Do something BIG; think large, larger than life, open your mind to infinite possibilities, the big picture, huge. This will help you get pass some small limitations. Get a large canvas, get sidewalk chalk and use your whole driveway…..its not just for kids you know. Art is all about getting back to that inner child that had no limitations to your imagination anyway. Get a huge sheet of paper and or put 4 posters sizes together to make a large one, hang it on a wall or on the floor and just create something huge. Use large strokes and open yourself up….use any medium you have or that is cheep, don’t need to spend a lot. This will be freeing to you.


Incorporate Music: when you are creating like this try doing this to different music, fast, slow, upbeat and calming, see what effects that has on your creative process. It will connect you further into the creative process.

Color: Use different colors, bold, and pastel, light and dark and try monochromatic and then use the full color spectrum, you will find that by doing so will invoke many feeling and or emotions that go along with your work.

Let Go: when you are doing this, just let go, this is not work to put in the gallery or for others to see. This is for you, this is like writing in a journal, it is personal, it is what is coming out of you at this moment. IT is for fun, for healing, for processing, to loosen up and to let go. So get rid of any expectations and limitations.

BE Alone: It is great to have a partner or friend with some of these exercises, but then do this or some of this on your own, let this be your nurturing alone time and time with spirit, so spirit can come in and work through you.

Subject Matter: change your subject matter, do something spiritual, then something that you want like a beach scène because you want to travel there. Then do something like clouds that are dark if you are moody. Create your mood that you feel at the time, set your tone and coordinate with your thoughts, emotions and feelings with the subject you are creating on canvas.