Turquoise and Copper Series


Semi Precious Stones; Turquoise Magnisite, Copper, Rusted Metal, Pebeo Paint


Rusted from the Elements 18×24


This series was such fun to create.


Turquoise Flow 18×24

These Turquoise pieces I have used are Turquoise Magnisite Pieces.

It is not real Turquoise, it is a died this color in order for it to resemble Turquoise. I use this because it looks so real and Genuine Turquoise is SO expensive. By using this particular stone I am able to make it affordable for those to collect these paintings and add them into their collections in an inexpensive way. If I used Genuine Turquoise you would have to spend another 5-10 times more. It really is that expensive.

Close up of Turquoise Flow

The industry will do this, they will take either Magnisite or Howlite and die it colors, sometimes it looks really fake, but then other times, it looks quite real and tasteful. Yet, by doing this you are able to get alot of stones, beads for jewelry in many colors and styles this way which can also be fun. I feel it really depends on what style and look you are going for.

I hope you will find the beauty in these stones as I have and to enjoy the colors and not look at it as a cheaper stone, but finding the beauty in these stones and the brilliance of the colors as well. I love this stone. I wanted to do a series because I feel like there are so many possibilities in using them.

I love this Turquoise color of the stones with browns and coppers. I feel it creates such a deep rich feeling when paired together. I am from Colorado so maybe that is why I like these deeper colors. They also remind me of the Southwest, which I am also fond of. I resonate more with the deeper, richer colors than the whites and lights I am so used to seeing here on the west coastal areas I live in here in San Diego. I do like both, but I resonate more with deeper colors.

Together As One 24×24

Close up of Rusted from the Elements

I then found a new paint to me (not sure how new it is in the art industry, but it is to me) called “PEBEO” paint, it is the paint I used around the stones that has the cell-like feel to them with all the different designs. You literally pour it onto the canvas or panel and it takes on a life of its own. It really in front of your eyes does its own thing. I love how it takes on such an organic nature of enhancing more of an abstract feel to the piece itself. I went a bit carried away with it, I really am so intrigued by it. I had so much fun using it.


Rusted 18×24

I also used alot of rust with this series. Rusted metal its self and rusted paint as well. I love the colors of rust. Plus again that organic nature it takes on by it’s self which I feel really added to the paintings.


On some of the paintings, I used rusted metal. On accident one day my mom left those pieces of metal out in the rain. They rusted and took on a life of its’ own. I loved the effect it gave and then we created more which we then left again in the elements of nature to create more rusted pieces.






Close up of Isosolies

Close up of Rusted from the Elements

Close up of Rusted from the Elements











Isosceles 10×36

She’s A River 16×48





























Close up of Rusted 18×24



I hope you will find these paintings will enhance your home in a deep, rich and fun way as I intended when I created them.