How I began using Semi Precious Stones in my Art

In the beginning;

As a kid I always loved finding little pieces of nature and keeping these little treasures as my own. I collected pine cones, rocks, shells, and stones. Being in the mountains I would hunt for hours for them, collection them for my grandparents. Grandpa, my brother and I would go out in the yard and collect pine cones, and see who got the biggest one. We would get maybe softball size as the largest we would find, if we were lucky. Needless to say my shock when I saw my first pine cone from Oregon and Washington area the size of a pineapple. I was so intrigued. I had no clue they came that big….

gemstonesOf course like all kids I was so intrigued with semi precious stones. We cracked geodes as a kid and growing up in Estes Park Colorado where there was a rock shop that we visited frequently.

I remember they had a huge display of polished semi precious stones that you could fill a bag with and get them. I would always just run my hands through them, (until I got yelled at) and want to go every time we were in town.

stone micaThere was a time around 2nd grade I remember being extremely intrigued with mica. You could find it up in Estas Park and I would pick it off rocks.

There at the elementary school I went to you could get it in the playground. So there I was, at recess, on the ground digging through gravel for my little treasures of mica. I had a large collection and was so intrigued. It is funny to look back on that memory now and realize how in awe I was of it. My mom thought I was crazy, its just mica she told me. I treated it like gold.

My collecting: 

My mom collected everything under the sun,(it would be a long list if I did actually list what she collects) my great grandpa was a junk dealer and collector, my grandma collected picture frames and other stuff she could get away with from my grandpa. So she would always justify her collections from great grandpa and that her addiction came from him and laughed.

So sense she was a collector I being her daughter was one as well as a kid, it was one of those things, she did, I did, I thought that is what you were suppose to do.

I collected alot, those charms for charm necklaces, stones, erasers, pencils, pencils with the toy tops, bows for my hair, barbie cloths, cassette tapes, were some of my fine array of collectibles. Stones and rocks were definitely one of them.

Yet I remember one day when I was a bit older (cant remember what age exactly maybe middle school?) I told her I didnt quite understand collecting things if you can not use them or have a use for them.

It was like a record stopping abruptly….zzzziiittttt….. WHAT?

NOT collect ANYTHING? What was wrong with you?

Her jaw hit the floor. I remember her being shocked. Asking me why I didnt want more stuff, more of the same thing to add to the collection I already had going.

I just didnt get it. I already had enough and was just putting them together with no use. So I stopped collecting.

Then of course college hit, and I of course had no storage or much room, there was no need. I had art supplies, but I used them, needed them and did not have what you would call an excess, had no room for it.

Needless to say I liked more of a less clutter than her, we are such opposites with how we live, it is funny.

That stayed the same until the semi precious stones began……then MY art and MY work just a couple of years ago, I now can not quite say that.

She brought collection back into my life…..

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