Oil on Recycled Canvas

1 1/2 Gallery Wrapped

About this Painting:

This painting has intense texture to further enhance the depths of this piece. I used wads of tissue paper to create the waves that are at the bottom of the painting. They lay on top of the canvas creating more depth to the piece. I also then used pallet knife to add highlights and more texture.

“The Changing Mood Painting”

This painting is amazing in different light, the colors intensify and change depending on the light that hits it. It is really remarkable how much this piece changes it mood depending on the light. When in bright light the yellow highlights stand out among the water, in a low light the painting becomes deep and intense in its colors.

This was such a fun piece to do, I loved working with the texture and the rich, deep colors, and then to see it in different light is remarkable.

One of the other great things I like about this painting is it is painted on top of a painting that already existed; that is why I say “Recycled Canvas”. It was a old and dull painting someone gave to me and I made it into my own. So there was already its own unique texture. I then added more texture and painted over the painting. This was alot of fun and who would ever want to waste a good canvas.

Additional information

Dimensions 5377260058 × 537724057 in


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