Our Journey


Our Journey

Acrylic on Panel

72×36 Tryptic

Mixed Media

2.5 inch Museum Wrap Panel

Semi-Precious Stones


Elements Series

Bringing in ELEMENTS of the earth into Fine Art

My “Elements” series is a creative blending of semi-precious stones and unique pieces of the earth with traditional fine art. I love finding and using things that were created by nature such as semi-precious stones and sea shells, using them in unique and creative ways.

“I’ve never seen anything like it”  Is the biggest comment I get. 

The semi-precious stones I use in my Elements series come from all over the world from various sources. Most of the stones I use have been collected throughout the year in order to work out my compositions and then incorporate them into my paintings.

Each semi-precious stone has individual properties generating energetically from the stone. The energy can be felt by wearing the stone, touching the stone and will fill your room where the art will hang.

I encourage people to touch the stones on the art to resonate with its properties. I include properties of the stones with the descriptions. Some stones are healing, energizing, loving, and calming. Some resonate with different chakras and evoke emotions.

I love working with and showcasing the unique beauty found in each semi-precious stone. I hope you enjoy these unique works as much as I enjoy creating them.

Stones Used

Dugway Geodes from Montana. I received these from two amazing rock hounds who hand picked them off the earth and then passed them on to me. Dave and Emitt, thanks so much for all your efforts in collecting these for my fine art painting.

These geodes have Florescence Mineral properties to them where when under a Shortwave Black light they light up in a multitude of neon colors.

The light from these ultraviolet lamps reacts with the chemicals of a mineral and causes the mineral to glow; this is called fluorescence. If the mineral continues to glow after the light has been removed, this is called phosphorescence.




Earth Bowl from collector Emitt from Utah

Tiger’s Eye and Tiger’s Iron




Mahogany Obsidian



Additional information

Dimensions 5377260058 × 537724057 in


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