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Elements Series

Elements Series; incorporating semi-precious stone and unique pieces of the earth in a creative way.

This painting is part of my mixed media “ELEMENTS” Series where I want to bring in elements on the earth into my art. I love nature, I love finding things that have been created by nature such as semi precious stones and other items from the earth.

I love working with and showcasing the unique beauty that you find in each semi precious stone. I work with mostly Grade A and B semi precious stones; sometimes I use the same stones that are in rough form before they are faceted that you see in a fine piece of jewelry.

Most of the stones I use have been gathered for a year in order to incorporate together into my art. I get them from all around the world from various locations and vendors.

Each semi precious stone also has individual properties that generate energetically from the stones. This is by wearing the stone, touching the stones and by having them in a room in your home.

I encourage people to touch the stones on the art to resonate with the properties. I have included some of the properties of the stones in the description so you will be aware of their specific properties; some are healing, energizing, loving, calming, resonate with different chakras, and evoke emotions.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I love creating them.

From the Artist:

This “Elements” semi precious stones painting is the largest painting I have done in this series. I love the impact this painting makes due to its size and the amount of stones I used.

This painting was originally inspired by collecting the Mexican geodes used in this piece. I ordered these and they came whole, so I had no clue how they looked until I took a hammer to them. This was a much bigger undertaking than first thought. Here I was outside my studio, people looking at me as I was crazy (however I was making a lot of noise) hitting these geodes as hard as I could.

I was using all my power, breaking a sweat, pieces flying everywhere, creating a mess, making this my mission to get these open and some of them would just not open….no matter the effort. I am sure I was quite the spectacle. I ended up with two I could not get open and the rest is here on this painting.

It was so much fun to see what new and exciting gem I would find once they broke open, it was worth the effort. I loved the color of these geodes which were different than some of the other varieties of geodes I’ve used before. I loved the bluish grey hue that they had and wanted to go with that kind of pallet.

Once I saw how many pieces of geodes I had I wanted to use them all in one place. I had them all laid out on the table in my studio and wanted to put them all together, I was so intrigued with all of them in a group. So I decided to make this the biggest painting I have ever done in this series and go BIG.

Artistically: I wanted to make this painting resemble a landscape with the large pieces of mica as the mountains and the stones as the land coming up from the earth. With a stormy sky with a deep sense of emotion and feeling from the sky. I wanted it to look unsettled and turbulent.

On a personal note; I titled this painting; Overtaking from the seizures I have been having and how they keep overtaking me. I wanted the stones to represent the beauty of life and how they are overtaking and overcoming the rough, uncertain, turbulent sky being the seizure or life that I have been dealing with in that way when a seizure comes. I wanted the stones to represent me coming through a hard time, strong despite the fact they knock me down so much.

The red in the painting represents the pain underneath that I hide and don’t want to show but how the Lyme disease seems to still be seeping through underneath me or under my skin. I also wanted to do this so large due to the large hardship this has been to me and how overwhelming all of this has been.

I’m so happy with how this painting turned out; I love the emotion in the clouds, the texture underneath, the mica that shines in different light giving the piece more dimension while the stones bring a lot of depth to the painting.

I collected all these stones for a long time and love how they came together.


Stones I used for this semi precious stone painting:

–  Mexican  Geodes

– Druzy Quartz

Cleans the atmosphere of negative energies and balances all endeavors.

– Mica

Mica has reflective qualities to recognize flaws and see them with love. Mica is said to enhance flexibility in all realms and also assist growth in those areas. It is used to diminish anger, hostility, and nervous energy. Mica aligns energy of the body and releases blockages of energy within the body. It is used to improve vision and clarity. It is said to help eliminate negative personality traits by helping one recognize them.

– Agate

Protection, Strength, Harmony. Agate’s most noticeable properties overall are balancing yin/yang energy, courage, protection, healing, and calming.

– Clear Quartz

Cleans the atmosphere of negative energies and balances all endeavors.

– Kyanite

Kyanite inspires loyalty and fair treatment to others. It assists in working through disagreements and disputes and can aid in repairing damaged relationships. It is beneficial in negotiations, diplomatic missions, arbitration and other forms of communication between disharmonious people, allowing disparate energies to move into resonance and find a common frequency. 

Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian, The Book of Stones

– Celestite

A cluster of this lovely blue stone in your room is excellent for your emotional state as it is calming and uplifting. It aids mental clarity as it clears and sharpens mental faculties.


– Sodalite

Sodalite Stone has a strong vibration that will bring your attention to the qualities of idealism and truth. Its energy may stimulate you to live up to your own ideas and ideas, about the nature of truth.

It has strong metaphysical properties that may stimulate latent creative abilities and it aids teachers, writers, and students to understand the deeper philosophical principles.

Its energy is particularly helpful to aid the development of psychic abilities, and with developing intuition. It is excellent to aid communication and may help you if you are doing public speaking.


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