Piercing the Darkness

Piercing the Darkness


Acrylic on Panel


Mixed Media

2.5 Museum Wrap Panel

Semi-Precious Stones

ORIGINAL – this is the original, there are no reproductions done or going to be done of this piece

Ready to hang, no frame required


Elements Series




Elements Series; incorporating semi-precious stone and unique pieces of the earth in a creative way.

This painting is part of my mixed media “ELEMENTS” Series where I want to bring in elements on the earth into my art. I love nature, I love finding things that have been created by nature such as semi precious stones and other items from the earth.

I love working with and showcasing the unique beauty that you find in each semi precious stone. I work with mostly Grade A and B semi precious stones; sometimes I use the same stones that are in rough form before they are faceted that you see in a fine piece of jewelry.

Most of the stones I use have been gathered for a year in order to incorporate together into my art. I get them from all around the world from various locations and venders.

Each semi precious stone also has individual properties that generate energetically from the stones. This is by wearing the stone, touching the stones and by having them in a room in your home.

I encourage people to touch the stones on the art to resonate with the properties. I have included some of the properties of the stones in the description so you will be aware of their specific properties; some are healing, energizing, loving, calming, resonate with different chakras, and evoke emotions.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I love creating them.

From the Artist:

My inspiration was definitely the quartz points I used for this painting. I love them standing out straight out from the panel, them being so sharp and strong. I wanted them to be a gradient to look like they were glowing and to further give the piece more depth and dimension.

I used 6 different varieties of points in this painting. Quartz; the silver and white points, Agate which is the black points.

The semi precious stone points in this  painting is sharp, rough, deep, powerful and intriguing to me I hope you enjoy the emotion in it as well.

I call this painting Piercing the Darkness because I wanted to bring in all the varieties of the points together to glow so the white in the middle look like it is glowing and piercing  through the darkness, plus the sharpness of the stones themselves being piercing and coming at you.

It also on a personal note symbolizes my hardship I am currently going through with seizures and how I am trying to overcome them. So the seizures to me are the darkness and me, who I am and my essence the light.


Stones Used: 

Quartz: Wonderful multi use stone. Enhances energy of all other stones and metals. Harmonious and powerful. Aids communication. Sign of Entire Zodiac.

Agate: Protection, Strength, Harmony. Agate’s most noticeable properties  overall are balancing yin/yang energy, courage, protection, healing, and calming.

Agate is a stone of strength. It was used by the Ancients on the breastplates of armor to give warriors strength and make them victorious in battle. Energetically, it is considered to give strength in both battle and physically.

Additional information

Dimensions 5377260058 x 537724057 in


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