Raging Determination


Raging Determination

Oil on Panel


Mixed Media

2.5 inch Museum Wrap Panel

Semi-Precious Stones

Elements Series

Bringing in ELEMENTS of the earth                                                                                                  into Fine Art

My “Elements” series is a creative blending of semiprecious stones and unique pieces of the earth with traditional fine art. I love nature. I love finding things that were created by nature such as semiprecious stones, shells an other items, some of which are millions of years old.

“I’ve never seen anything like it”

Most of the stones I use have been collected for a year in order to work out my compositions and then incorporate them into my paintings.

I get them from all around the world and from various vendors. Each semiprecious stone has individual properties generated energetically from the stone. The energy can be felt by wearing the stone, touching the stone and by having the stone in a room of your home.

I encourage people to touch the stones on the art to resonate with its properties. I include properties of the stones with the descriptions. Some stones are healing, energizing, loving, calming. Some resonate with different chakras and evoke emotions. These properties will fill your room where the art will hang.

I love working with and showcasing the unique beauty found in each semiprecious stone. I work with mostly Grade A and B semiprecious stones. Sometimes I use stones that are in rough form before they are faceted like a fine piece of jewelry. The semiprecious stones I use in my Elements series come from all over the world.

I hope you enjoy these unique works as much as I enjoy creating them.

Stones Used:

Petrified Wood: From Amanda Adkins from the TV show Prospectors on The Weather Channel. She collected them in Utah.


Amanda Adkins of Prospectors and Tesa Michaels

Prospectors on The Weather Channel

Prospectors on The Weather Channel










Tiger’s Eye

Pudding Stone

Apache Tears

Black Tourmaline





From The Artist:

This painting was inspired by the amazing Petrified Wood that I got from Amanda Adkins of Prospectors. It was such a beautiful colors of reds and browns, which are my favorite colors, so I wanted to create a painting that really enhanced the stones.

I have titled this “Raging Determination” for a couple of reasons:

  1.  I find Amanda to be so determined in looking for her rocks/stones, stopping at nothing, pushing through so many obstacles in order to find her stones. I admire that determination and can relate to it.
  2. My own determination with my health right now. How steadfast and determined I am in getting my life back. Stopping at nothing, trying so hard, and pushing through and not giving up.
  3. I use the word raging because to me it is such a strong word, it is not a little determined, it is raging, passionate, strong, unwavering, explosive determination that is bursting inside of me, on fire.

That fire of determination is what inspired the sky to look and resemble fire. Which not only I thought went with the theme, but with the color scheme so well. I wanted this piece to grab you, be bold and make a statement.

Additional information

Dimensions 5377260058 × 537724057 in


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